The Cross and Suffering



CHAPTER 6 The Precious Words Of God

False Alarm

Brother Li, a servant of the Lord, was on Labor Reform in another Camp. During the wiping out of “the four olds” in the early stage of the Cultural Revolution, his team was also searched over. At the time, most of the brothers in prison or in Labor Camps did not possess the Bible. Thank God that, like me, he too had a small Bible. By nature, though, he was not as cautious as I was. Every time he finished reading the Bible, he stuck it under his pillow. During the surprise search, he was also extremely nervous. He figured that he could not evade a disaster and that his years of reform would definitely be in vain. Standing by his bed and watching his things being searched, he could not believe that his Bible was not discovered. Later on, his roommate who slept next to him patted his shoulders and said, “Don’t be nervous; I have it.” Thank God! Actually this roommate had earlier noticed brother Li secretly reading the book. Out of curiosity, he had taken it to read in brother Li’s absence. He had done so a number of times, and had read it through more than once. By the Lord’s wonderful arrangement, the roommate happened to have taken the small Bible, thus protecting Brother Li from a possible disaster.

Oh, may the Lord implant our faith more firmly in Him and in His words, that we may learn to depend on Him and to trust Him more; so that when storms suddenly hit, we will not lose the indwelt peace and tranquility – Luke 8:25.


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