Discerning God's Will



An Episode Pursuant to the "Reversal of Unjust Verdict"

About a week after my "reversal of unjust verdict," two cadres from the Public Security Bureau of North-West China came to see me in connection with a large parcel containing 1,050 hymnbooks that had arrived in the post office of their town Baoji, Shanxi Province. The tiny post office had never before received such a large parcel, and the inspection revealed that it contained hymnals for use in Christian churches. The Public Security Bureau was then notified, and the parcel receiver was arrested and interrogated. Meanwhile, the cadres were sent to me to investigate the matter. I was not the sender, but I knew who the actual sender was - a brother Sun in Shanghai learned that the churches in that area (North-West China) were in need of hymnals and so he mailed the 1,050 books.

These two cadres appeared arrogant, speaking in a most intimidating and ruthless manner, treating me as if I was still a Labor Camp inmate. They demanded that I provide answers to many of their questions. I was not to be intimidated - for my verdict had been reversed and I was also an honorable university teacher. Thank God that He gave me great courage in dealing with this matter; I did not answer any of the questions that would put the brother in harm's way. I talked back to them, "Do you know that I'm now a university teacher? Do you know what I teach? Previously, if anyone in this country was caught listening to the ??Voice of America,' he'd be arrested. Yet now, the government wants me to specifically teach students how to listen to and comprehend the ??Voice of America.' Don't you understand that times have changed? What are you doing here? Today countless foreigners have come to this country to do business, to tour or to visit relatives. Yet, you're still arresting innocent Christians. If such action is spread and broadcasted overseas, the whole world will hear of it. What good will it do to you?"

At wit's end, they were prepared to leave. Surprisingly, deep within me, I felt like adding a few more words, "Wait, I've got more to say. Go tell your supervisor that I said this: ??The parcel receiver whom you've imprisoned hasn't committed any crime. The hymnbooks were printed in our country; they weren't smuggled in. In addition, these books printed in our country were mailed to the northwestern region with postage fully paid. So, what crime is there? If this matter is reported overseas, it won't do your supervisor any good." I said these words with the hope that they would hasten the release of the brother. Sure enough, the brother was soon released.

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