Discerning God's Will



How My Family Was Also Blessed

I have mentioned earlier how my eldest daughter was assigned to heavy and dirty labor in the "house renovation team" after her graduation from middle school (1973) - she was denied high-school education for being a daughter of a labor-camp inmate. That was extremely unfair and especially hard for a young woman to take. When I learned about her situation after returning home, I felt very sorry indeed and prayed for the Lord to help her.

The country had just started its "open-door policy" (1978) and had not yet changed its old systems; therefore, it was not easy to obtain a job transfer. Thank God that He had control over everything - praise His holy name! After my return from Labor Camp (1979), the Lord urged me to teach her some English. I also persuaded her to learn English typing, as I figured that there would be a demand for English typists following the country's open-door policy and its resumption of trade and communications with western countries. My daughter then began to study English diligently even after a day's hard work. Thank God she was a fast learner. Later, my wife became indirectly acquainted with a high-ranking official of the Labor Reform Bureau who helped to transfer my daughter to work as a typist in a typing-service company. No longer required to work as a cement-mixer, my daughter's situation greatly improved.

We then prayed again for the Lord to prepare for her a God-fearing marriage partner. Thank God for answering our prayers by giving us a God-fearing son-in-law.

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