Amazing Grace



Autumn 1914

An infant abandoned in an obscure alley in Gutian, Fujian Province, China
Adopted by a Methodist pastor, surnamed Zheng
Given name: Huiduan Zheng 每 from abandoned infant to child of God*s servant


Attended Yuxin Middle School in Gutian


Attended seminary in Fuzhou

Feb. 10, 1935

Accepted Jesus Christ
Received God*s calling 3 weeks later
Began to serve

Summer 1936

Preached in Sugarcane Village, Fuzhou


Preached at Tianan Church in Fuzhou


Attended Shanghai Chinese Evangelical Seminary

Summer 1940

Preached in Wuchang

December 1941

Attended retreat in Fuzhou


Served in Yongan Pinghu Parish ( Fujian)
Hospitalized in Union Hospital in Fuzhou


Served in the Guping/Gutian Methodist Parish Preached in various urban and suburban areas of Fuzhou


August 1945

Early 1946

Itinerant preaching
Anti-Japanese War ended upon Japan*s surrender
To Shanghai


Served in National Christian Students* conferences:
Xinguang Middle School, Suzhou
Jinhai Teachers Trining College, Suzhou Various colleges in Shanghai

Summer 1948

Retreat speaker in Wuhu ( Anhui)

Autumn 1948

As staff officer of Christian Student Union in Nanjing

Winter 1948

Returned to Fuzhou

Summer 1949

To Hong Kong
To Chongqing
To Chengdu

October, 1949

Change of regime 每 ※New China§ established Interviewed for 4 hours by Director of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Religious Affairs

Spring 1952

Accused and denounced at

1) the combined pastoral conference in Chengdu; 2) the opening ceremony of Chengyu Railroad, organized by all the Christians in the city



November 1953

Denied voting right in the First National General Election
Left for Wuhan

Spring 1954
July 1954

Served in Guangzhou
Back to Wuhan
Later to Shanghai

July每August 1955

Arrests of Brother Zhenqing Hu in Zhejiang and Brother Mingdao Wang in Beijing marked the beginning of the ※Elimination of Counter-Revolutionary Movement§ among Christians


Suffered from spinal injury


Initiation of ※Anti-Rightist Movment§ following the ※Elimination of Counter-Revolutionary Movement§

March 15, 1958

Arrested at home in Shanghai

Taken to First Dentention Center in Shanghai

Spring 1959

Tried in Shanghai Mid-Level People*s Court

Sentenced to 7 years* imprisonment

May 1959

Transferred to Tilan Bridge Prison in Shanghai

July 13, 1960

Labor reform at Electrical Power Station in Hefei ( Anhui) for 8 months


Labor reform at:
Tianjia Hut in Huainan ( Anhui), 5 months
Myriad-Pig Camp in zhenyuan County, 1 year
Huangshan Tea Grove Camp in Taiping County


To First Detention Center in Shanghai
Back to Huangshan Tea Grove Camp


Completed 7-year sentence term
Stayed in Cattle Farm Camp as ※worker§
Transferred to Lixin Camp in Susong ( Anhui)

Summer 1966

The unprecedented ※Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution§ commenced


Flooding for 3 consecutive years in Lixin Camp
Repeatedly guarded by the Lord despite the high death rate resulting from floods and plague


Rescued from the verge of death

Autumn 1973

First visitation


Transferred to South Lake Camp in Xuanchang ( Anhui)

Winter 1977

Second visitation
Revisit of Xiamen and Shanghai
Returned to hometown, Pingnan ( Fujian)

Spring 1978

Returned to South Lake Camp

April 1979

The captive set free 每 return to Shanghai Stayed at home of Brother Zexin Zhou

November 1979

To old home in Pingnan Served for 4 months


To Fuzhou for 2 weeks before return to Shanghai

June 15, 1980

Critically ill and bed-ridden until the next spring

June 1982
to July 2003

To Yantai ( Shandong) Lived with Dr. Shun Wu*s family

July 20, 2003

Died at age 89