Amazing Grace



Huiduan Zheng was a devout Christian lady who remained single to serve her Lord faithfully and whole- heartedly for 67 years until she rested her labor at age 89 on July 20, 2003. As ※the cedar planted beside the waters (Numbers 24:6 )§ by her gracious Master and ※spread out its roots by the river (Jeremiah 17:7-7)§, H.Z. kept on emitting Christ*s fragrance and was abundantly fruitful throughout her 21 lengthy years of drought and fiery trials.

Sustained by the Lord*s great love and amazing grace, the author, a feeble woman, was undeterred despite having to go through all sorts of affliction. She withstood violence and was always prepared to martyr for God. Like an obedient lamb, H.Z. denied herself and carried her cross to follow the Lord. Confronting Satan (the one who can kill the body but not the soul) and its power of darkness, our sister, nevertheless, was far more formidable and stronger than a lioness. Zealous in saving lost souls, H.Z. was ※never ashamed of the Gospel§ and remained fervent even when she was in prison and in Labor Reform Camps. Towards her fellow Christians, she always served them tenderly, joyfully and self-denyingly with love ever- increasing.

Amidst the unprecedented persecution and tribulation in China *s church history, H.Z. was indeed a shining beacon in the valley of the shadow of death! In her autobiography, H.Z. vividly related her decades of suffering as she followed her inner path of life, and shared her pearly lessons in the realms of ※walking the path of the Cross§, ※abiding in Christ§ and ※obeying the Lord*s will§. Through the Cross and a myriad of tribulation, the gracious Lord purified, trained, pruned and edified her. Without self-love or self-pity, she was led by the Lord through fire and water to rich fulfillment ( Psalm 66:10- 12 ). Despite having been thrown into a furnace seven times the usual intensity, H.Z. emerged without any smell of fire because the Son of God was with her. Moreover, she did not count herself to have apprehended but, rather, continued to walk humbly with God. Unashamedly, H.Z. could claim as Paul did, ※I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me§ (Galatians 2:20). She indeed exemplified as an over- comer at the dawn of the Lord*s second coming.

More than 10 years my senior, the author also became a Christian before I did. I, too, was exiled for many years for the Lord*s sake. However, having acquainted with her since 1980 and read her autobiography, I was deeply moved by her splendid testimony. Her faithfulness, obedience, loyalty, absolute surrender, firm belief and love towards her Lord have become an inspiration to me. May the Lord challenge us with H.Z.*s testimony to imitate her as she also had imitated Christ!

To the most gracious, loving and merciful God who is sitting on the throne of grace, be glory forever!

Joshua Yu


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