Amazing Grace


Chapter Seven

The Journey to Fuzhou

In spring 1980, my brother accompanied me to Fuzhou where we stayed for 2 weeks. This time, many people learned of my arrival in Fuzhou, and visitors came incessantly from morning till night. Some elderly sisters embraced me with tears when they saw me; some had presumed I was no longer alive; some had assumed I must have been disabled even if I had survived. After such a long separation and constant prayers for each other, such a reunion was enormously joyous and tearful.

At the time, the ※Three Self§ church in Fuzhou had just been set up, and it was suggested that I go to the church to meet with its members. Being aware of the situation, I turned down their proposal.

On Sunday, many Christians looked for me in the church but did not find me. Old Pastor Bingju Wang, who was over 80 years of age, said to the head of the ※Three Self, § ※I heard that Huiduan Zheng has returned. Are you going to invite her to lead a revival meeting?§ Some members echoed their support. The church leader, however, was embarrassed; without expressing either agreement or objection, he wittingly brushed it aside.

Most of the members who came to visit me did not go to the ※Three Self§ church. Among them were former college Student Union members and current college students. Once, I asked some former Bethany House members, ※Do you go to church for Sunday worship services?§ They replied, ※Sister Zheng, that*s a church organized by the government. Should we go?§ Truly, ※Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar*s,and to God the things that are God*s§ (Mark 12:17); nor can Christ and Belial be in accord (II Corinthians 6:15).

I became acquainted with a young sister 2 years ago in Xiamen. She had just been accepted into the Fujian Normal University. She said that she had never been away from home and would feel lonely by herself as a student in Fuzhou. I said to her, ※If you don*t want to be lonely, then &bear and raise children!* § This time I saw her, she had led 5 or 6 classmates to Christ. I asked her, ※Now that you have children, do you still feel lonely?§ She responded with a smile.

In 1981 she went to a certain consulate in Shanghai to apply for a visa and asked me to pray for her. By faith, she felt confident that she would succeed. Out of 50 to 60 applicants that day, only 5 were approved and she was one of them.

Several overseas Chinese wanted to see me, but I declined. They then asked a sister, Chang, to relate to me that they wanted to contact me on behalf of the Chinese Evangelical Seminary Alumni Association, as there was some money for those alumni who had suffered trials and my name was on the list. I declined as I had learned that they had certain backgrounds. 1

The church in Fuzhou was quite firmly established. Though some members did not have a clear view of the path, many were on the right track and had fervent love for the Lord. I attended their meetings several times within 2 weeks. I also learned that many college students held meetings in nearby homes. I once had a half-day special fellowship with those members who did not attend the ※Three Self§ meetings and met with both previously and newly acquainted brothers and sisters. Among them were 2 brothers surnamed Xu and their cousin, a member of Newman Sze*s2 Church. With a short haircut and in plain attire, their cousin did not have the appearance of a Chinese from Canada. She fellowshipped with us in a humble manner, and we all benefited spiritually.

1. ※Background§ refers to the organization (Chinese Evangelical Seminary). Since certain overseas organizations were considered by the Communist Party as ※anti-movement organizations,§ declining was a sensible course of action.

2. Newman Sze is a Chinese minister in California, U.S.A.



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