Amazing Grace


Chapter Five

It Is Decreed

In the afternoon of March 15 th, 1958 I knelt down to pray with a young brother in my room; after I had finished, he carried on praying. At this time Mrs. Niu came upstairs and whispered to me, ※There*s someone downstairs for you§. I quietly arose and went downstairs. Seeing 2 men and a young woman, I greeted them and asked, ※Who are you looking for?§

※We want Huiduan Zheng.§

※I don*t know any of you. May I know your name and what you want her for?§ I asked the man who spoke.

※I*ve something to say to her.§

※I*m Huiduan Zheng.§

He wanted me to take them to my room for a talk. As the young brother was still kneeling and praying, I was afraid that he would be involved. I did not move my 2 feet as if they were nailed to the floor. Not until they had pressed me time and again did I walk towards the stairway. Seeing the young brother come down the stairs in a carefree manner, I felt as if a boulder had been unloaded and was immediately relieved. I thanked the Lord heartily.

After I had taken them upstairs into my room, they closed the door and took out an arrest warrant. One of them said, ※By order of the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai, I*m here to arrest you.§ I signed my name on the arrest warrant, then stood up and waited to be cuffed. Not only did they not cuff me up, they even told me to pack up for a journey. At this time Mrs. Niu came upstairs and, by the love of the Lord, fearlessly reminded me of each item to bring along. Because the Lord was with me, I felt as calm as the surface of a still and windless lake. Having taken off my watch and placed it on the table, I walked close to the window and asked them to let me pray before I left. They refused. Then I walked downstairs and saw Miss Xie, the tenant downstairs, as I passed by the kitchen. I said to her with a smile, ※I*ve been cooking a chicken in the pot (originally intended for treating a member visiting from another part of the country); you can all eat it. Good-bye!§ Miss Xie gladly saw me out the door.

Mrs. Niu accompanied me to the door and said assuredly, ※Miss Zheng, if there*s anything you need, write to let me know and I*ll send it to you.§

I walked a few steps and heard the closing of the door by Mrs. Niu. Touched by her love, I could not help crying! At the time Mrs. Niu*s husband was imprisoned with a 10-year sentence. Under great social pressure 1 , she had to sell her belongings to sustain her livelihood. Even so, as I departed, she offered to send me things; how could such love of hers not fill my eyes with tears!

Having passed the alley and crossed the street, I noticed a small car parked by the Xinguo Road. Oh, how familiar this street scene was! I then recalled that this was a scene the Lord had revealed to me in my dream several years earlier while I was in Chengdu. These words suddenly sprang out from my heart, ※It is decreed§ (Nahum 2:7). I responded, ※Yes, Father! For so is your sweet will!§ I boarded the car right away, with the interrogator sitting next to the driver and the 2 other persons one on each side of me.

Once inside the car, I was filled with the joy of the Spirit. Uncontrollably, I cried out loudly, ※Hallelujah, praise the Lord!§ I sang aloud such hymns as ※In the Cross, in the Cross, Be My Glory Ever§, ※Blessed Be His Name§, and ※All for Jesus§ all the way from Huashan Road to the Station Road in the District of Nanshi.

The Public Security Agent said, ※Huiduan Zheng, this is a public boulevard; don*t make such loud noise!§

Yet, unable to hold myself back, I joyfully sang aloud all the way until we reached the First Detention Center 2 .

1. At the time many devout Christians were arrested and sentenced because of their faith and were regarded as anti- revolutionary elements. In accordance with Communist policy, no one was allowed to assist or sympathize with their spouses and children, leaving them isolated and helpless. This had, however, compelled them to turn to the Heavenly Father for help instead.

2. The First Detention Center was the place where case criminals were locked up before sentencing. Here, some of the regulations and policies were even harsher than those of prisons and Labor Camps. For instance, 2 offenders (Mr.Gongrui Xu and Mr. Folai Xie) were locked up in the detention center for many years and were later transferred to a Labor Camp in Anhui. By that time, perhaps as a result of continually sitting in an upright position on cement floors, their backs could not be straightened owing to dislocated disc in the spine, and the upper parts of their bodies were stooped.




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