Amazing Grace


Chapter Five

His Will Be Done

Around the 1958 Lunar New Year, the hymn ※His Will Be Done§ constantly sprang up from my heart. Whether I was sitting, walking or sleeping, this hymn was always softly sounding in my spirit 每 not sung by me but incessantly sounding in the spirit. These were the words of the hymn:

I have decided, let God*s will be done;
Though the journey was rough, still I am thankful,
Always saying, ※Thy will be done§;
God*s will be done, still I am thankful,
Always saying, ※Thy will be done.§
I have decided, let God*s will be done;
Though clouds gather and sorrow befalls,
Gladly I yield, desire unshaken.
God*s will be done; gladly I yield,
Desire unshaken; God*s will be done.

The Lord used this hymn to prepare my heart.

Over this period, some Christians had, one after another, walked the path of the cross.

In early March a sister had her son deliver a quilted blanket that her husband had used while he was in prison. After washing it, she gave it to me. This was a sign the Lord gave me, and I bowed before the Lord saying, ※Oh Lord, Your will be done!§

In mid-March the drapes of the premises opposite my room were lowered; someone was peeping at me from behind the drapes.

In addition, Madam Peifang Jiang phoned on behalf of Mr. Chuwen Li 1 to arrange for me to see them with the intent of making me join the ※ Three-Self Church§ 2 . I decided not to go. Three days later, the government itself took action to punish me.

1. This person had, for a long time, acted as the pastor of Shanghai International Church and as a ※ Three-Self Church§ leader. During the ※Cultural Revolution§, unable to withstand the tough penalties imposed by the Red Guards, he disclosed his identity as an underground Communist officer. He was promoted to be the commander of the Revolution Committee*s Foreign Affairs Division in the city of Shanghai and later became the deputy director of the Hong Kong branch office of the New China Agency until his retirement. (For details regarding the ※Cultural Revolution§ and the ※ Red Guard s §, etc., please see Note 49 in Chapter 6 on page 181.)

2. The so-called ※Three-Self Churches§: The Chinese Christian Three-Self Innovation Committee (C.C.T- S.I.C.), later renamed ※Chinese Christian Three-Self Patriotic Committee§ (C.C.T-S.P.C.), was an organization established by the Chinese Communists with the aim to control, modify and, ultimately, eliminate the Christian Church in China. ※Three-Self§ stands for: self-administration (with no head - quarters outside of China); self-support (financially independent) and self-preaching (with no foreign missionaries). Soon after the Communists took over the Mainland China, the C.C.T-S.I.(C.) Movement started under the leadership and support of the Communist Party. The first Chairman was a Modernist, Mr. Yaozong Wu, and the second Chairman was Quangxun Ding (an underground Communist-Party member).

Right from the beginning, the Communist Party replaced the Lord Jesus Christ as the head of the Three-Self Churches, and Communist policies and documents were held above the Bible. Three-Self Churches are therefore not true churches. Ever since the 1950*s many faithful ministers and Christians had been sent to Labor Camps, while quite a number of them were martyred for ※the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ§ (Revelations 1:2). Many of these saints were betrayed by the ※Three-Self§ church members, especially their leaders.



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