Amazing Grace


Chapter Three

In Wuhan

The Student Union headquarters originally assigned me to visit brothers and sisters in various college fellowships in the southwest, such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou. However, I only went to Sichuan, for the whole nation was ※liberated§ half a year later and I had to stay behind in Chengdu owing to road blockages. In November 1953, the Lord took my hand and led me out of Chengdu on to Wuhan through Chongqing by ship.

That was my first journey after the Liberation, and I felt strange and out of place, like a frog that had just leapt from the well to the ground. For the first meal on the ship, I bought a meal ticket and entered the restaurant. All the tables were seated with people already eating, except for the one by the window that had all the food displayed and was seated with only one passenger looking like a merchant. I sat down, bowed my head and said grace. Re-opening my eyes, I found that the seats had all been taken and that everyone at the table was staring at me with a hungry look, waiting to pick up the chopsticks together with me - a courtesy observed on a ship. The 6 newcomers, all dressed in wool uniforms, were cadres, and the chubby one among them asked me, ※You*re religious, aren*t you?§ ※Yes,§ I replied, ※and you*re all senior cadres?§ They smiled and did not say anything.

The Lord spoke to me right away, ※You, too, are a cadre. They are cadres of the earth; you are a cadre of Heaven.§ I was so delighted that I almost cried out aloud, ※The cadre of Heaven and the cadres of the earth are eating together!§ I prayed in my heart, ※Lord! You*re impartial towards people. You*ve saved me; please save them too. I hope that one day in Heaven there*ll be a gathering like this again, with not one person missing!§

As the ship arrived at the Wuhan wharf, I was deeply touched to find that Dr. Xiangyun Ma and his whole family of four generations had come to receive me. Who am I that the Lord should have treated me so graciously!

During the winter vacation, brother Qichao Fu and I were invited to lead a winter retreat organized by the Christians of various colleges in Wuhan at the Wuchang Alliance Church. I preached at the first evening meeting. When it was over, several Christians of the local churches greeted me, ※Are you the Miss Zheng who came here to preach 13 years ago?§ What an unusual greeting! Seeing that the Lord had kept them through the extraordinary years since the Anti-Japanese War, the words of Apostle Paul automatically came to my mind, ※Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord§ (I Corinthians 15:58). My heart was full of joy, and I thanked the Lord!

The love of the Lord had attracted Christian students of the 3 cities in Wuhan, and they were hungry and thirsty for the Truth. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the co-workers of this meeting aimed at the need of the moment and rightly divided the word of Truth. The members present had their inner eyes opened, enabling them to discern between true and false gospels, and between heresies and extremism, thus protecting them from going astray.

On his way up north on business, brother Guoxian Wang of Guangzhou made a special stop in Wuhan to invite me to Guangzhou to lead a youth meeting. Even though this was our first encounter, as members in Christ as well as co-workers in the vineyard, we felt especially close. That year, the roads in Wuhan were covered with over a foot of snow and icicles hung over the eaves, creating a beautiful scene. On a night of heavy snowfall, brother Wang and I crossed the river to attend a meeting in Wuchang. We arrived to find every seat filled. The freezing cold had not hindered the burning love that this large youth group had for the Lord. It was already midnight by the time I returned to Dr. Ma*s home in Hankou. Having been exposed to the chill for a long time, I felt dizzy and, as soon as I laid down on the bed, experienced chest discomfort. I was chilled all over and in great discomfort. Yet, seeing the gospel flame burning in the hearts of youths in various places, I had warmth in my heart that could overcome the coldness of the environment, and I was immediately filled with joy. Lord, you deserved to be praised! Your works were so wonderful!



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