Amazing Grace


Chapter Three

In Hong Kong

In the summer of 1949, I was originally scheduled to lead Christian student summer retreats in Changsha and Hong Kong. Yet, ※The way of man is not in himself; it is not in man who walks to direct his own step§ (Jeremiah 10:23). Everything was in God*s hands.

Towards the end of June, the Christian Student Union headquarters called to inform that: the Hong Kong conference was cancelled as chief director Junying Zhao had to go to Japan; the Changsha conference was to be led by co-worker Yongquan Wu; the Chongqing Christian students* summer retreat was to be led by myself as Pastor Yumin Jia could not go. At the time it was not feasible to travel west through Shanghai, and to go south to Quangzhou before transferring to Chongqing would take too long; so I had to go to Hong Kong first and then, from there, take a direct flight to Chongqing. It was a time when the war was approaching Fuzhou and many people were fleeing overseas, so it was almost impossible to purchase an air ticket to Hong Kong. I could only look up to God, and, by faith, went to the airline company. As I was standing in line to register to purchase the ticket, I suddenly heard someone behind the counter calling me, ※Miss Zheng, where are you going to?§ Oh, it was brother Guanqun Lin! I replied, ※To Hong Kong.§ He said, ※So am I. It*d be good for us to go together.§ He added, ※I don*t have enough money for 2 tickets; I*m $15 short.§ ※I*m here to register only and haven*t brought enough money,§ I said as I opened the wallet. There, inside the wallet, including small change, was a total of $15. How amazing!

After arriving in Hong Kong, I stayed at the Students Union office and received hospitality from Mr. & Mrs. Yaohan Yang. I was confronted with 2 paths, and had to decide which way to go. One of these was a grand avenue. I had been invited to lead meetings in Hong Kong; also, the church in Taiwan had obtained a visa for me and the brothers and sisters in Fuzhou had even brought my luggage to Taiwan. I could freely serve in Hong Kong and Taiwan or overseas. The other path was the path of the cross. After I had been saved, the scene of the Cross had always appeared in my eyes. The Lord had been nailed on the Cross for my sins; he died for me. What could I repay Him with? Whenever I read the Church history, I had always been deeply touched by the martyrs throughout the ages. If the Lord would permit, I would like to be a martyr to repay Him for His love for me.

I understood the will and the guidance of the Lord. He wanted me to return to China. From my heart sprang out: ※Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee; E*ven tho* it be a cross that raiseth me, Still all my song shall be, nearer, my God, to Thee! Nearer, my God, to Thee! Nearer to Thee!§ 1 , and I said to the Lord, ※Father, for so it seemed good in your sight (Matthew 11:26), I desire to follow your steps and take up my cross and follow you (Mark 8::34).

So, brother Xingsong Chang purchased an air ticket for me to go to Chongqing, and Pastor Junying Zhao braved the rain to see me off to the airplane.

1. Hymn entitled ※Nearer, My God, To Thee,§ S.F. Adams and L Mason as author and composer, respectively.


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