Amazing Grace


Chapter Three

In Nanjing

The national Christian Student Union headquarters was located at Zhujiang Road in Nanjing. In the spring of 1948, Pastor Junying Zhao preached for 3 days in the National Central University 1.More than a hundred students turned to Christ, some of whom later became church leaders. At the same time when the chapel was established in Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the Political University in Nanjing had a sign on display in the garden that read: ※Christian Students Fellowship Chapel.§

In the summer of the same year, Christian college students in Nanjing organized a summer retreat in the Cuiwen Middle School in Wuhu city in the province of Anhui. They had invited Mr. Mingdao Wang and me as speakers; Mr. Wang was to speak each night and I was to speak each afternoon. It was at this retreat that I became acquainted with brother Yuguang Xue, a fellow from my hometown. He was a student of the Central University, who later consecrated himself and became an honored vessel used by the Lord. One of the extraordinary features of this retreat was steadfast praying. Apart from the sermons, the sound of prayer could be heard day and night all over the campus, whether under a tree or in a classroom. Some prayed until midnight while some woke up at midnight to pray; day and night there were incessant prayers watching over the retreat. Therefore, all activities were well guarded by the Lord and participants were spiritually revived.

One day, towards the end of the retreat, the brother in charge of catering announced at mealtime, ※Brothers and sisters, the money has been used up and there*s no provision for the food for tomorrow. Let us unite and pray for the Lord*s provision.§ The next day, this brother made another announcement, ※Brothers and sisters, there*s no need for more offering, as the Lord has provided more than we had asked and hoped for.§ Thank God for having taught us another lesson of faith living!

After the retreat, I returned to Nanjing with Mr. Wang, Xingsong Zhang and sister Guo by coach, while the others traveled by boat. Unexpectedly, the car broke down in the middle of the journey. Under the cloudless, sunny, summer sky, it was like a heated oven. Finding the heat hard to bear, the 4 of us jumped out of the car one by one and rested beside a nearby tomb on the roadside. Suddenly, brother Xingsong Chang jumped up and ran towards the field, returning later with one watermelon in each hand. He had noticed a peddler with a load of watermelons and had therefore run to buy them. As we ate the melons, we also cleaned our faces and hands with the rinds. We were reminded how the Almighty God had led the Israelites through the wilderness. Today He had shown us such goodness also, and we could not help but praise the Lord!

In the autumn of 1948, the Student Union headquarters transferred me to the Nanjing region to work as a staff officer. At a time when the Kuomin Party kept on retreating and the people of this capital, Nanjing, were in great distress, the Lord let me see how mercifully He had watched over the youths of China; many students who had seemingly reached the end of the path of their lives were, by the enlightening of the Holy Spirit, able to tread the path of light.

1. In 1952, which is 3 years after the change of political power, all Chinese universities had their departments re-arranged and the Central University was renamed ※ Nanjing University.§


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