Amazing Grace


Chapter Two

Onward With Victory

One day in August 1945 news broke out that the Japanese had unconditionally surrendered. The whole city of Fuzhou was overjoyed, the sounds of fire-crackers and cheers almost reached the sky. People had formed parades in streets and alleys, and the scene was fantastic. Eight torturous years had ended peacefully. There was no more fleeing or fear of enemy attacks, and the people*s excitement was beyond description.

At the time, I was residing at the home of sister Xiuzheng Yang, preacher of the Tianan Church. We shared the joy of the victory. The Lord also understood the weakness of His child and gave me peace of heart, strengthening me during devotion and equipping me for the onward march of victory.

In the autumn, the ※call of Macedonia§ was becoming louder and louder. Letters of request for leading meetings flew in like snowflakes, especially the several churches in Fuqing County. Fuqing County was situated along the coast and was frequently harassed by Japanese soldiers. The believers were worn out with fleeing for refuge, and their spiritual dryness was in bad need of revival. I therefore chose to go to Fuqing first, anticipating much to do over there.

Yet, ※the way of man is not in himself; it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps§ (Jeremiah 10:23). After leading the meeting in Longtian Church in the County, I came to Dongying Church. There, I fell sick on the fourth day. By the grace of the Lord, I managed to lead the meeting until it ended on the seventh day; but then I could no longer fulfill my appointments with other churches. Back in Lontian, the principal, Zhilan Lin, hosted me. With a love for the Body of Christ, she gave me the use of her own bedroom and laid out her new sheets and blankets for me, a sick person with Typhus, an incurable disease at the time.

My condition deteriorated and my high fever lasted for 2 weeks. During the time I had to stay in bed, Principal Lin fully took care of me. When the churches learned that I was sick, they all prayed for the Lord*s mercy on me. Mr. John Wang (Linjun Wang) 1 , who was preaching in Longtian Middle School at the time, came to see me right away to pray for me.

One day I figured that I was going to die. After praying my last prayer for the Lord to receive my spirit, I became unconscious. Many members of the Body of Christ surrounded my bed and prayed for me. That night my temperature rose to 104 ∼ F . The next morning, even though it dropped to 94 ∼ F , I still did not resume consciousness. At the time when principal Lin was extremely worried, an elderly sister with small bound feet 2 who had traveled 9 miles arrived with good news: Last night as she was praying for sister Zheng, the Lord spoke to her, ※This sickness is not unto death§ (John 11:4). From then on, my temperature started to drop gradually and my condition began to improve until I was healed.

However, I had lost all my hair and I was too weak to walk. Like an infant, I had to first learn to sit, then to get up by holding on to the bed-frame and eventually to walk. My hair gradually grew back. Lord, you have saved my life and ※you have delivered my soul from death (Psalm 116:8)§. ※Death cannot praise you.... The living, the living man, he shall praise you§ (Isaiah 38:18, 19). I shall praise you and thank you forever, Lord.

During my recovery, my body was very weak. The sisters in Hanjiang took me there for rehabilitation. Thank God for His grace; under their care I quickly regained my health and continued to march on with the Lord in victory.

I was invited by the Hajiang Methodist Church to lead a revival meeting for 8 days. Many Christians in the neighboring towns and counties came to attend.

According to some believers in the local churches, this was the record-breaking attendance. The Lord*s words were living and powerful and had edified and strengthened many members of the Body of Christ.

I was invited by the Putian Episcopal Church to lead a crusade for a week. My sermon was translated into the provincial dialect by a sister of The Local Assembly. By the call of the Holy Spirit, the whole church was filled with people, even on the platform. It was said that the number of workers and believers who had come from The Local Assembly outnumbered the members of the Episcopal Church itself. One afternoon, as I was delivering the sermon, someone passed a note demanding the translator read aloud the question that was written on the note. The translator had to comply, ※Should women be allowed to preach? 3 Will Huiduan Zheng please answer right now.§

All of a sudden, the whole sanctuary was silent and all eyes were on us. I quietly looked up to the Lord, and he told me, ※Today we*re not studying any special topic.§

He also gave me two passages from the Bible. One passage was from Psalm 68:11 -12 in which David, touched by the Holy Spirit, called out, ※The Lord gives the command: The women who proclaim the tidings are a great host: &Kings of armies flee, they flee, and she who remains at home will divide the spoil!*§ (New American Standard Bible). The other passage was from Matthew 28: 10 in which the resurrected Christ appeared to the women and said ※Do not

be afraid. Go and tell my Brethren to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.§ After the Lord*s words were spoken, ※the kings of armies had fled; they had fled§ (Psalm 68:12). I thanked the loving God who had shed mercy on those who were killed by letter (II Corinthians 3:6 ※who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life§). Many had untangled their spiritual knots and were delighted.

After the meeting, sisters of The Local Church invited the sisters of the Episcopal Church and me to dine together, which was unprecedented. ※Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!§ (Psalm 133:1).

Later the Lord led me to Zhele Middle School in Putian to lead a gospel meeting for a week. The principal and his wife had studied in the United States and his wife was a graduate of the Moody Bible College. They were both very concerned about the students* salvation. Every year they invited preachers to evangelize in the school. This meeting was attended not only by the teachers and students but also many government officers, journalists and other social figures, filling up the entire thousand-seat auditorium.

Praise the Lord for answering prayers. In this meeting, seeds were sown and spiritual hunger was satisfied! Many sinners repented and believers were revived; a number of youths dedicated themselves to attend seminaries; and many enrolled in the Shanghai Chinese Evangelical Seminary*s correspondence courses.

Here, all churches and denominations were sharply divided, attacking one another and had no fellowship. At this meeting, by the mercy of the Lord, elderly Brother Lin of the Local Church (The Little Flock) was moved to invite church leaders of all denominations, school principals and hospital directors to meet in his home. There, through fellowship and prayers, the man-made walls were broken down and everyone humbly received cleansing by the Lord*s living water, dissolving into oneness by the Lord*s love.

Having conducted 2 meetings in Putian, I felt physically and mentally drained. I therefore returned to Hanjiang to rest up. By God*s mercy, I was soon refreshed. Invited by the Yingxian County Methodist Church, I went with Sister Xiuyu Zeng to lead a conference for a week. Some Christians in Putian County heard about this and joined in. Seeing so many who were poor in spirit, I could only plead for the merciful Lord to personally feed them. The Lord*s work was especially evident on the last night. After the sermon, many believers came forward and went up on the platform, crying and praying. When Kesan Chen, a Local Church leader, observed the Lord*s abundant grace, he gave glory to the Lord.

1. A famous minister, specially trained by the spiritual lady-missionary, Miss Margaret Barber .

2. In the history of China, an oppressive custom prevailed forcenturies with respect to females. Starting from a few years old, girls were forced to practice feet binding with cloth, so that their feet became very small with bones deformed. This was considered as beautiful. This oppressive custom was not abolished until about a century ago .

3. The believers in The Local Assembly - also called ※The Little Flock§ established by Chinese minister Watchman Nee (1902-1972), take the verse ※And I do not permit a woman to teach§ (I Timothy 2:12; also I Corinthians 14:34) as ※law§, and no one is allowed to violate it. This is right, in general. There are, however, exceptions, for the Bible also says, ※but if ye are led by the Spirit, ye are not under law§ (Galatians 5:18, J.N. Darby New Translation). God, who works all things according to the counsel of His own will, might raise up a few women (especially when men fail) to be prophetesses (in Old Testament, e.g. Miriam, Deborah, etc.) or ministers (in New Testament, such as Jessie Penn-Lewis 1861-1927)


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