Amazing Grace


Chapter Two

In Fuzhou Tianan Church

In the beginning of 1937, I was transferred to the Tianan Church in Fuzhou by the Fuzhou Methodist Church Annual Assembly. This particular Church was the headquarters of the Fuzhou Annual Assembly that comprised, beside its affiliated churches, the Fuzhou Xiehe Hospital, Xiehe Nursing School, Xiehe University, Huanam Women*s College of Art & Science, Yinghua Middle School, Yuying Middle School, and so on. At only 23 years of age and lacking in both knowledge and experience, I could only obey and look up to the Lord who had called me. ※Let no one despise your youth (I Timothy 4:12). ※If anyone cleanses himself from iniquity, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work. (II Timothy 2:21) §

My work was to lead family worship services and women*s services and to participate in evangelistic events. The good works of the Holy Spirit were evident everywhere. For instance, the family worships, which started out with only family members, later included outsiders as well, with attendance increasing to 50 or 60. Meanwhile the attendance at the women*s meetings also increased from 20 to over 100. Every Sunday the evangelistic teams of brothers and sisters prayed at the church and were then dispatched under the banner of the Cross to various streets, alleys and homes to lead people to the Lord. The testimonial meetings on Sunday evenings that used to be dull and lifeless had become edifying and eagerly attended, bringing great glory to the name of the Lord!

In 1937, the Lord*s faithful servant, Dr. John Song, came to Tianan Church to lead a two-week Third National Bible Conference (the first one was held in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, and the second in Xiamen, a big port city of Fujiang Province). Prior to this, the director of the Fuzhou evangelistic team, Mr. Jianyuan Ye, sent a written request for me to be Dr. Song*s translator. I had several times watched Dr. Song dismiss from the pulpit those translators who did not measure up to his required standard. To avoid being embarrassed this way, I politely declined. On the first day of the conference, as I was busy receiving guests in front of the Tianan Church, I suddenly felt someone patting me from behind. Turning around, I saw Dr. Song. With the bible in one hand and the conducting rod in the other, he said, ※Go!§ and directed me to the pulpit. From the pulpit, I noticed that both upper and lower floors were fully packed, and I was very nervous. As Dr. Song led the singing, ※trust in the Lord with all thy heart§, I sang along too. By the Holy Spirit working through God*s words, I gained boldness and strength as I put my trust in the Lord. Since then I had worked as Dr. Song*s translator in Gutian and Munqing Counties. The Lord had used miracles and wonders to testify at the preaching of His servants. During the week that Dr. Song led services in the Gutian Methodist Gospel Church, the daily attendance was over 2,000. More than 400 sick people had registered for the laying on of hands (Hebrews 6:2) and praying by Dr. Song on the fourth day. On that day a folding screen was placed on the pulpit and Dr. Song knelt beside a small table on which was placed a dish of olive oil. The sick person got on the pulpit from the left and I led him to Dr. Song. After he had told us his name and his illness, Dr. Song anointed him with oil and, laying his hand on the sick man*s head, saying, ※Mr. #, in the name of the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit, I heal you of your illness.§ I then led the healed person to the right side for him to leave the pulpit. Among them was Brother Zhang who carried his son up to the pulpit, placed him next to Dr. Song and then walked away. This young man had not been able to walk since birth and had been confined to a wheelchair for 18 years. Dr. Song touched him with oil and prayed. I then offered him my hand and said, ※Arise and walk!§ He immediately stood up and happily hopped away from the pulpit. For a long while the church was filled with praises glorifying the Lord. There was also a leper who was healed right away by the Lord. The whole congregation was deeply touched, rejoicing and praising the Lord.

The next afternoon Dr. Song asked me to conduct a thanksgiving meeting. A brother wearing a long traditional outfit went up on the pulpit and started taking off his clothes layer by layer. I thought that was very impolite. Before I could stop him, however, he had already exposed his abdomen and proclaimed, ※I had a tumor on my belly the size of a bowl. After yesterday*s prayer, it was gone. See, my belly is smooth and without wrinkle.§ One by one those who were healed went up on the pulpit and testified. The whole afternoon the church was filled with thanksgiving and praises. I myself had suffered from poor vision. I had double vision when I read and when I looked at faces, so I wore corrective lenses. After Dr. Song had prayed and laid his hand on me, by faith I dropped the lenses and was healed. Praise the Lord!

It was the first year of the Anti-Japanese War. Fuzhou was repeatedly bombed by Japanese planes. The pastor of the main church had many times proposed painting an American flag on the roof-top of the church ( America was not involved in the war then). The idea was to use it as a safety measure, but this had met with objection from some co-workers in the Lord. At a co-workers* meeting I openly stated, ※This is an indication of rejecting the Lord*s care over us§. His proposal was later turned down. Under the care of the Lord, Tianan Church had remained unharmed.


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