Amazing Grace


Chapter One

A Blessed Family

Pastor Zheng, my adopted father, came from a well-educated family. His great-grandfather was a high-ranking official in Qing Dynasty. Above the main entrance of his residence was hung a plaque bearing his honorable title.

After hearing the gospel, Grandfather accepted Christ. He dismissed the threatening rumors that Westerners would ※gouge out the eyes and cut off the noses§ of Chinese believers. He even sent his son and daughter (my adopted father and aunt) to study in schools run by Westerners.

Being a devout Christian, he took the trouble of traveling over a mountain to attend Sunday worship services in a neighboring village church, and he even prayed before drinking his tea. As he lay dying, he told my mother: ※It*s about time. Please go upstairs and ask Pastor Zhongan Xie to come and pray for me.§ Led by Pastor Xie, the whole family sang hymns, read Bible verses and prayed beside Grandfather*s bed. Right after we said ※Amen§ he passed away peacefully. Grandfather*s ※home-going§ had left an indelible memory in my tender heart.

My father attended the seminary and became a pastor. He went to be with the Lord before I turned two, and I was too young to remember much of him. My mother later became a Methodist Church lady preacher. She also went to be with the Lord the summer I turned 17. I can still remember that, before she passed away, she had twice asked me to pray with her for the Lord to receive her soul. At the funeral the following day, I noticed that her face was all smiles, as if telling the dear ones she left behind that it was far better for her to be with the Lord.



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